From Incognito Gangster To God: An American Story of Redemption and Restoration

Written By Tom Pope

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From Incognito Gangster to God: An American Story of Redemption and Restoration is an unapologetic, in-your-face memoir, following the life of Tom Pope, who is a well-known radio personality and former all-time ministry member of the gospel. However, few knew the hidden life he led before he came into the public's scrutiny. His life shows that God can take what was meant for bad and use it for good. Follow the ups and downs as Pope opens up and tells you the secrets about his early life before he turned it over to Christ.

Self-determination ran through his veins. Pope witnessed his maternal grandparents, Grandma Esther and Mr. Willie, act as successful entrepreneurs and defenders of their own land in a Jim Crow south. His grandparents also taught him how to shoot and how to survive attacks. These and other experiences influenced Pope to become an illegal entrepreneur of sorts early in his life, and a legal businessman later in life.

You will meet the one woman who changed his life for the better. Follow his journey as a secular radio broadcaster to a full-time ministry member, to a radio show host and broadcast owner, and back to the ministry, then combining both callings. As a broadcaster, Pope has captured a lot of Black history from the Civil Rights Movement to the Million Man March and beyond within these pages.

You will discover the many chapters to Tom Pope's life. At the end of each chapter, Pope provides lessons he learned from each chapter of his life. Complete with scriptures, stories, and anecdotes, this is a timely book. If you are in business, it will arm you with the tools to rebound from setbacks and to gain back your confidence, as well as the ability to go on with your life. In general, it will teach you how to walk with God and listen for Divine directions in your life.